The 10 best features coming to Windows 10 – CNET

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This spring, Microsoft will release the next major update to Windows 10. Dubbed Creators Update, the free download includes new 3D apps, VR capabilities and 4K game streaming among its flashier features.

But you don’t need to be a graphics professional or VR-headset owner to appreciate what the Creators Update has in store. I’ve just spent weeks using a preview build of Microsoft’s operating system and pouring over Microsoft’s change logs, and found that the next version of Windows contains dozens of tweaks and enhancements for everyday users as well.

So I believe these are the true top 10 features coming to Windows 10 — not the snazziest, but the ones that might actually make Windows work better when you’re trying to get work done. As neither a visual artist nor a VR early adopter, these are the changes I’m most excited about.

If you like our picks — or even if you dislike them! — bookmark this page and check back. We’ll be updating this post as Microsoft announces new features and new versions of Windows, so this article can become a living guide to how your computing life might improve.mputer again. Our regularly

the best Windows 10 features that are just around the corner.